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A Complete Guide for Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe Flash Player browser plugin lets you enjoy video and other animated content. This lesson will be a complete guide for you to handle various issues with this software.


Testing: If you have already installed the software then visit Adobe’s test page to see if the installation is working properly. In case it says that the software is not installed then take help from the next section to install the software.


Installation: Download the Flash installer from Adobe website. Once the download gets finished, close the browser. Then open Flash installer file and follow the on screen instructions. If you are having any problem in installing the software then you can contact us at Adobe Help Number UK for assistance.


Updating: Although Flash Plugins automatically gets updated, but in case when you open Adobe’s Test page and it says that you are using an outdated version then update the software manually by downloading or installing the latest version.


Un-installation: Download and run Adobe’s uninstaller as that will remove Flash from all browsers including Internet Explorer. Once the un-installation gets complete please don’t forget to restart your computer.


Troubleshoot Plugin Not Working: This happens when your Flash Plugins are disabled in the Add-ons Manager. To make sure it is enabled click on menu button of the browser and then choose Add-ons. In the Add-on manager tab, select Plugins panel. If it is disabled then select “Ask to Activate” in its drop down menu.


Resolution for Adobe Flash Plugins has Crashed: In case your Flash Plugins stop working out of the blue, and you see the error message saying “Adobe Flash Plugins has Crashed” then please update your Flash to latest version. This might resolve the issue.


Fix: Unresponsive Plugin Warning- You will see an error message saying “Warning- Unresponsive Plugin”, when your plugin take longer than expected. When you see this message for the first time press “Continue” to give plugin more time to complete your Request, but if in case you again get the same message then click “Stop Plugin” to make it stop immediately (crash).


Hope you found this blog helpful for you. In case you still have any query left related to Adobe Flash Player then it’s time to make us a call at Adobe Customer Care Number UK.


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